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Comprehensive Solutions

Reliable Deliverability

What do clients expect when choosing a scaffolding subcontractor? What they want is not tube and couplers, nor components of the system scaffold, but scaffolding structures that are erected and dismantled at the job site according to the project schedule. Deliverability, safety and cost effectiveness of the scaffolding structures built in their workplace is what they want. Being able to deliver all three values to clients at the same time is a huge challenge. Wenma rise to this challenge and build our core competencies to serve our valued clients.


When you issue a work ticket, you want the scaffold to be erected or dismantled immediately, we make it happen as your schedule.

Carefully Planned

Successful projects come from the systematic planning in advance and the meticulous execution of daily work.

Safety First

Our safety team is always on site with workers to ensure that their operations are in line with design and safety specifications.

Perfectly Designed

Safety and efficiency result from the perfect combination of scaffolding system, structure and construction scheme design.