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Fineshore M60 Shoring

for Civil and InfraSTRUCTURE

Fineshore M60 Shoring System

Imagine how many truck loads and how many tons of formwork and shoring equipment would be needed for a project of 10 million cubic meters of shoring area size? And how much temporary storage space is needed on site? The Fineshore M60 is designed to meet such challenges.

Our engineers have adopted lightweight design in the product design, taking into consideration the compatibility with Finelock M48, and most of the components can be used interchangeably, thus reducing the difficulty of project management and enhancing your investment value.

“We applied the Fineshore M60 to the world’s largest electronics factory project, where over 20,000 tons of the product were used on-site in ten months, saving more than 3 times the number of traditional products. This greatly reduced material usage and saved labor costs, shortening the construction period.”

Zhang Wenma: Chief Executive Officer

Hi-Load Capacity with Lighter Weight

By accurately balancing weight reduction and load bearing, the property of safe load capacity of 100KN per leg maximizes the functional diversity of the Fineshore M60 Shoring System, which can easily cope with various types of large-scale infrastructure projects and also meet the needs of various small-scale civil construction projects.

Reduce Time and Save Man-hours

The optimized component system helps scaffolders carry less weight and reduce their operating movements, thus lowering their workload and improving efficiency. Based on our statistics for many large infrastructure projects, the Fineshore M60 Shoring System can easily reduce the construction period by 2-3 times and save man-hour.

Shoring Tower or
Large-Scale Structure

The design of the 8 directional holes on the rossette provides great convenience for assembling diagonal braces in different directions. The Fineshore M60 can be assembled into a shoring tower at will and can also be designed into a variety of complex shoring systems to cope with a variety of complex large-scale infrastructure structures.