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Our Mission

We Start From

Our Passion

When Wenma Forming & Shoring Co., Ltd was established in 2012, our founders made it very clear about the mission of the company. It is not only something about the innovation of products or technology, but our cause is also something important about the way of living of the people who work in between these huge steel structures. It is something about to build a better world, to build a safe, healthy and environmentally friendly working environment for clients and workers.

To be a World-Class Scaffolding, Forming and Shoring Expert.

With lean and enterprising spirit, establish a world-class professional, efficient and active organization, lead the innovation of industry, to become a more global-influenced scaffolding, forming and shoring company.

Support a Better World, Build a Happy Life.

Devote to one-stop contracting services of scaffolding, forming and shoring projects, with the spirit of innovation, cutting-edge technology, scientific management, to create a healthy, safe and environmentally friendly working environment, build a harmonious industrial ecological chain, to achieve a dignified and happy life.

Human is the Most

Our Core Values

The core values of a company are the fundamental and essential principles upon which an organization is built. They are the foundation upon which a company stands, the guiding principles for planning, reviewing, and decision-making, and cannot be sacrificed for short-term gains or economic interests.

The Wenma’s mission guides us to focus not only on its own business success, but always on the value of people. While paying attention to the safety of scaffold users, we also pay more attention to the safety of scaffolders because the safety risks are the highest during the erection and dismantling of scaffolding. With our technology, management and innovation, we strive to build a healthy and safe working environment for them.

Client Foremost

Client is the cornerstone of the enterprise, is the lifeblood of the survival of the enterprise. Always see our business through the eyes of our clients. Meet client needs, create value for clients and help clients succeed. Whatever clients see, think, believe and aspire to is always regarded as objective facts and taken seriously.

Devotion and Ultimate

Perfection comes from devotion. With the spirit of perseverance, deep digging and fine ploughing to get to the bottom of the problems encountered. With a minimalist attitude, go all out, and never give up until things done to perfection.

Human Centered

To make workers in our industry the way of living better is the ultimate mission of enterprise existence and wealth creation. Regard people as the most valuable resource in all the resources of the enterprise, as the capital of the long-term development of the enterprise and the active force to promote the healthy growth of the enterprise. Provide fair development opportunities for employees, and deliver business results by helping employees achieve greater life value in the enterprise. Treat people as people, tilt to value contributors, and don’t let contributors suffer losses.

Be Practical and Realistic

Seek true knowledge based on true evidence. Act in accordance with the actual situation, do not exaggerate, do not reduce, do not distort. Yes is yes, no is no.