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CISRS Training Center

Proud to gain CISRS Accreditation in China

The National Access and Scaffolding Confederation (NASC) in the UK is a leading trade association in the construction industry, dedicated to elevating standards and practices within the scaffolding sector. Under its umbrella, the Construction Industry Scaffolders Record Scheme (CISRS) is a widely recognized training and certification program that aims to ensure all personnel involved in scaffolding operations possess the necessary skills, knowledge, and safety awareness to guarantee workplace safety and efficiency.

This program is now also accessible globally through the CISRS Overseas Scaffolder Training Scheme (OSTS). The CISRS OSTS encompasses a comprehensive range of knowledge and skills from Scaffolder Level 1 for beginners to Advanced Scaffolders Level 4, also provides Basic and Advanced Scaffolding Inspection training and Scaffolding Supervisor training. It covers, but is not limited to, crucial aspects such as scaffolding erection, inspection, usage, and dismantling. The program emphasizes a combination of theory and practice, ensuring that each trainee not only grasps theoretical foundations but can also apply this knowledge in real-world situations. Training courses are conducted by certified training centers and experienced instructors, ensuring the course content remains aligned with industry standards and regulations.

Wenma is the first and only CISRS OSTS accredited training center in China, offering CISRS training courses for Scaffolder Level 1 and Scaffolder Level 2, Basic Scaffold Inspector, and Scaffold Supervisor.

Trained Scaffolders
English & chinese instructors

Tailored to suit the specific needs

Whilst regulations may differ from country to country, all employers have legal duties to ensure that scaffolders are adequately trained in the work equipment they use. The training provided by the CISRS Overseas Scaffolder Training Scheme (OSTS), is based directly on the CISRS UK Scheme, but has been tailored to suit the specific needs and requirements of the overseas scaffolding and access industry.

Additional to meeting the OSTS scheme criteria, training providers must fully comply with local legislation, trade licensing and seek all necessary approvals for the delivery of training and education in each country. The main features of CISRS OSTS training are

Hands-on Practice: A strong emphasis is placed on practical exercises, with trainees learning to correctly erect and inspect scaffolding under controlled conditions that simulate actual work environments, ensuring proficiency in safe operating procedures.

Personal Protective Equipment: Both trainers and trainees are rigorously required to wear PPE, including safety helmets, harnesses, fall protection equipment, and appropriate protective clothing. This mandate surpasses legal compliance, instilling fundamental safety habits.

Contextual Learning: Adopting a contextual teaching approach through case analyses, accident simulations, etc., fosters a deep understanding among learners of the severe consequences resulting from non-adherence to safety protocols, enhancing safety consciousness and promoting a culture of safety.

Continuous Development: The CISRS system encourages ongoing learning and professional development, mandating periodic refresher courses and update training for cardholders. This ensures skills and knowledge remain current.

Rigorous as CISRS UK Centers

Audit Processes

CISRS OSTS is based upon the same tried and tested principles as the UK scheme of formal training and assessment and includes practical, theoretical and health and safety sessions coupled with onsite time served experience. CISRS OSTS centers undertake the same rigorous audit processes as UK CISRS centers to maintain CISRS accreditation.

Mr. Dave Mosley, CISRS MD
visited our training center in 2018
Mr. Ian Fyall, Simian Skills owner
visited our training center in 2018

“CISRS training teaches us to save the lives of scaffolders first, because safety guardrails are not ready in the process of erection and dismantling, there is a high risk of falling.” 

Andrew Sharp, CISRS Senior Instructor

Finelock M48 Course Covered by CISRS

System Scaffold Training

The 2 Day CISRS System Scaffolding Product Training Scheme (SSPTS) recognizes the significant differences between the system scaffold products and tube and fittings. It also provides structured training in system scaffold products for operatives who had previously only received training in tube and fittings. The scheme provides scaffolders with the skills and knowledge for the safe use of the system scaffold product, in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. These courses are only available to CISRS card holders who have successfully completed a minimum of CISRS Part 1 training or to those looking to renew a CISRS BASE Card.

The System Scaffold Product Inspection courses include a theory test based on general inspection and specific system product knowledge as well as a practical exam based on a drawing of the structure and faults provided by the manufacturer/supplier. CISRS Scaffolders & Advanced card holders with a relevant SSPTS endorsement will have gained product knowledge through their training and would be deemed competent to carry out inspections in the endorsed product, or again in the same category, provided they are aware of the differences in product capability.

27 october-18 November 2023, Tianjin China