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In 1913, a scaffolding revolution was about to happen. Daniel Palmer Jones and David Henry Jones from UK invented a coupling system for scaffolding which led them down a path of invention. Couplers have been designed for quick assembly and no longer rely on nuts and bolts. Modern-day scaffolding standards, practices and processes can be attributed to the two brothers.

Until they patented their inventions in the early 20th century, scaffolding was erected by individual firms with wildly varying standards and sizes. Their creations led to a standardization across the scaffolding industry. This helped to make working with scaffolding safer for all involved.

Nowadays, putting up scaffolding is becoming a bit like using an old-fashioned Meccano set, scaffolding is a regulated industry with standardized best practices used to keep those using the scaffolding safe. The performance requirements and methods of structural and general design for access and working scaffolds are covered by the European Standard, BS EN12811-1, but innovation never stop……

Innovation never stops
Design changes the world

RR &d

Our R&D team innovatively designs different components to meet client needs. China’s rapid modernization, the construction of the world’s largest infrastructure and industrial projects over the past two decades, presents numerous technical and application challenges, as well as rich ground for a team with a sense of mission and innovation like Wenma’s to grow.

Design and Manufacture All Done by Ourselves

30 years of experience in designing and manufacturing scaffolding, formwork and shoring products according to international first-class standards.

Solutions For Construction & Industrial Projects

The integrated design of Finelock M48 and Fineshore M60 systematically improves product and operational adaptability and economy.