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Ten Safety Philosophy

Ten Safety Philosophy

1. All Injuries are Preventable

Although knowledge of Ten Safety Philosophy is necessary to the development of a safety system that works, but employees’ knowledge and understanding of it are as important as any other part of the program.

2. Can Be Controlled

All operating exposures that could result in injuries or occupational illnesses can be controlled.

3. Management

All levels of management, from top to junior, are involved in safety management and accountable for performance.

4. All Participate

A safety culture in which all employees participate is the key to achieving excellent safety performance.

5. Employment

Safety is a condition of employment.

6. Must be Trained

All employees must be trained to work safely.

7. Inside or Outside

Safety is important both inside and outside the workplace.

8. Corrected

All safety hazards and system deficiencies discovered must be corrected promptly.

9. Regularly Audit

Management must regularly audit workplace safety performance to assess safety program success.

10. Business Success

Safety creates value, profit and core competencies for the business success.