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Wenma HSE Policy

safety is our value

Wenma hse policy

COMMITMENT: Wenma is committed to being an industry leader in Occupational Health, Safety and Environmental practices, to maintaining a safe and healthy workplace for our people and our partners, to developing our products and services consistent with these aims, and to comply with all HSE rules and procedures of the Client’s work site. Get all the workers home safely, everyone working for Wenma is expected to share this commitment by taking care of themselves, looking out for others, and protecting the environment. Wenma leadership is committed to supporting this policy with the resources and accountability necessary to achieve this policy.

SCOPE: The Policy applies to all business operations of Wenma, including product design, manufacturing, quality management and project planning, design, construction and operation at all stages. All directors, management at all levels and all prospective and current employees of Wenma, as well as volunteers, contractors and consultants, must comply with the Policy as well as other policies, guidelines and codes related to health and safety.

wenma hse policy


1. Minimize hazards to the people, properties and the environment in the workplace. Protect all personnel from injury, protect the properties of the Company and clients from loss, and protect the environment from pollution and damage.
2. Continuous pursuit of excellence in HSE solutions.
3. Zero accident.

Breach of the Policy

Operating divisions with higher health and safety risks must comply with applicable industry standards and guidelines. When conducting business for the Company locally or in other jurisdictions, all employees must comply with local/national laws and regulations, as well as any other applicable laws and regulations.

Breaches of this policy can result in remedial, corrective, or disciplinary actions up to and including termination of employment and criminal prosecution. In addition, if laws are violated, employees or the Company may be subject to criminal penalties (fines or jail time) or civil sanctions (damage awards or fines). Wenma could also lose government contracting privileges.

Actual or suspected incidents of misconduct should be reported to the HSE Office at The Company guarantees non-retaliation and confidentiality, to the extent legally possible, for good-faith reports of such breaches.

Roles, Accountabilities and Responsibilities


Each Individual Personnel, including employees, contract workers, visitors, and employees of subcontractors at the company’s workplace, must understand the Company’s Safety Policy and related arrangements.

All personnel are Responsible for:

1. Taking reasonable care to protect their health and safety, the health and safety of other workers and/or anyone exposed to construction activities at the workplace;
2. Complying with and performing work activities according to this Safety Policy and relevant safety standards, programs, procedures and practices;
3. Reporting all unsafe practices or hazardous conditions (including any defects in any equipment or protective device), near-miss and incidents to their supervisor or to the Wenma Authorized Representative;
4. Using and maintaining designated safety and Personal Protective Equipment as required;
5. Participating in the company’s safety training and, upon passing the exam, will be eligible to obtain a certificate for employment;
6. Asking their supervisor or the Wenma Authorized Representative for clarification and direction when unsure or about a specific job or work task;
7. Co-operating with the Company on all matters regarding health, safety and welfare.

All personnel have the:

1. Right, responsibility and obligation to refuse and report work they consider imminently dangerous to the environment, property, personnel or the general public;
2. Right to know what the workplace health and safety hazards are, appropriate precautions to take, and procedures to follow in the event of an incident;
3. Right to participate in the worksite health and safety program; and,
Right to protection from retaliation for exercising their rights.