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Never in the whole of human history has a country modernized so rapidly and at such a scale as China, built so many bridges, railway and subway stations, airports, logistics centers, data centers, large commercial complexes, and large industrial facilities in the last 20 years. China’s shipbuilding industry has become the world’s largest. More and more petrochemical, oil and gas projects are under construction.

Wenma is very fortunate to be part of it and has the opportunity to grow together into the largest scaffolding, forming and shoring sub-contractor in China.

“Over the past decade, we have been involved in building almost all major projects in China, and have changed the scaffolding industry with innovative products, safety, and efficiency.” 

Tang Zhaoming: Marketing Director
Construction BG Managing Director

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Wenma grew up in China’s vast market, but never lost sight of our mission and vision. We have developed a new five-year plan and established new business divisions to expand our service area to petrochemical, oil and gas projects in Middle Eastern countries and construction projects in Southeast Asian countries. We shall combine China’s supply chain advantages, manufacturing advantages and engineering advantages with world-class management experience to bring safety and efficiency to our clients. Start from China, Go abroad along the Belt and Road, Serve the whole World.