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Finelock M48 Scaffold

for indstrial and construction

Finelock M48
system scaffold

The scaffolding system is not just a bunch of parts and components, but a complete integrated system that meets the different customized needs of construction and industrial projects in a safe, reliable and efficient way. Our Finelock M48 is not just another kind of ringlock scaffold as well, but a brand-new-scaffolding system that integrates the cutting-edge technology in the industry by material, process and design innovations.

Guided by the mission, with its innovative spirit and extensive experience, our products are designed and built to keep scaffolders safe at all times. At the same time, our Finelock M48 modular scaffolding system is highly flexible, maintain the highest standards of durability and sustainability and is used by clients around the world for various projects.

“In the design of Finelock M48, we fully considered the compatibility of the product system. Not only is most of its components compatible with our Fineshore M60 Shoring System, but it is also compatible with most similar products from leading manufacturers.” 

Jack Wei: Chief Technology Officer/Chief Engineer

Quick and Easy
Save Man-Hour

Our Finelock M48 Rossette connection design and prefabricated component system make the assembly process quick and easy, saving time-consuming measuring work, so labor costs can be reduced by up to 70% compared to Tube and Fitting Scaffolding.

High Safety Standard for Oil & Gas Industries

When you work in chemical, power plants or oil & gas industries, you are confronted with the individual requirements of the respective operator. Especially in such challenging environments, the safety of all participants always comes first. Finelock M48 ensures that you are always safe, even in demanding environments such as chemical plants or offshore areas.

One System
Infinite Application

In the real world, we may encounter various project requirements. The project may be in the construction sector, or it may be in the industrial sector. Finelock M48 is designed and prefabricated with customized components that can easily meet the needs of various applications.