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Integrated Capability

    Integrated Capability
    Integrated Capability

    What makes Wenma so different?

    As a professional sub-contractor of scaffolding, forming and shoring projects, the basis of Wenma’s business is our innovative Equipment system applied state-of-art technology, which consists of a series of elaborately well-designed COMPONENTS, and our business scope covers the full service chain of a project including ENGINEERING and planning and designing, EQUIPMENT supply including hire or sales plus buy-back, CONSTRUCTION including erection and dismantling and labor and technical services on the jobsite, referred to as “C+EEC” business model.


    By systematic design we use simple and fewer Components form complex structures to meet the customized needs of different industries to save for our clients.


    Professional Engineering planning and design not only better ensure the project duration, efficiency, cost savings for clients, but also the prerequisite of a safe project.


    Wenma’s Equipment supply chain start from material purchase, manufacturing and quality control, logistic service to every project on time, and all done by our one team.


    Erection, dismantling, labor, duration, safety… All require professionals and we take care of all these headaches for our clients and make them economical and safe.