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InfrastRUCTURE Forming and Shoring projects

What is the ultimate need that a large infrastructure project manager wants from a scaffolding, forming and shoring supplier? Someone can come to the site with their scaffolding equipment, workers, engineering and project management team, and quickly erect it when it’s needed and remove it when it’s not, and they can save from equipment and labor cost with safety and efficiency. This is what Wenma offers to its clients.

Starting from the needs of clients, with the innovative “C+EEC” business model, we started the journey of providing clients with comprehensive solutions and have grown to become the largest scaffolding, forming and shoring subcontractor in China.

no matter large or small


Petrochemical, oil and gas, industrial module and shipbuilding industry projects have long periods, scattered work areas, and difficult safety management of equipment and workers. Taking into account the high safety requirements for industrial projects, Wenma has cooperated with the CISRS, the UK Construction Industry Scaffolders Record Scheme, to train a large number of internationally standard scaffolders and scaffolding supervisors through its certified training centers.

Wenma’s “C+EEC” business model greatly meets the needs of clients, improves the safety and efficiency of construction, and has been highly recognized by clients. We have set up a professional team, dedicated to provide high-quality services for clients in China and abroad.

“I have been working in scaffolding sector in the petrochemical industry for over 20 years, serving well-known petrochemical companies abroad. At Wenma, I hope to serve more clients with my knowledge in scaffolding safety.” 

Glenn Guo: Safety Director/Industrial BG Managing Director