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Three Golden Rules

Three Golden Rules

The Wenma Golden Rules of our Health and Safety Policy are about changing how we act. If we want to further improve our HSE performance, these three rules provide a framework for how we must behave at all times, in all operations and activities. The thinking behind the rules is well established in many of our HSE plans and procedures. We must apply the rules to everything we do, every day, in every activity and in every project. No matter what pressure we face, the golden Rules always come first.

The Golden Rules emphasize our individual responsibility while encouraging us to help our colleagues and respect our other partners. For example, The rules encourage us to get involved and to take corrective action if we see someone breaking the rules. And The rules help us to understand why others step in to help if we are failing to comply. The rules are there to motivate us all to do the right thing, from the most senior to the most junior member of staff.

These three golden rules make it clear how Wenma employees, suppliers and contractors are expected to behave.


Comply with the laws, regulations, standards and procedures of governments, clients, general contractors or project owners.


Intervene in unsafe or non-compliant situations.

Respect and Watch

Respect our co-workers and partners. Start with me, always watch and help others.