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Wenma is a manufacturer, distributor, rental supplier and scaffolding contractor of high-quality scaffolding solutions. Our entire team is dedicated to understanding the needs and requirements of scaffolding professionals in the construction, oil and gas, mining, shipbuilding, and other industries. This allows us to provide advice and expertise for every scaffolding project worldwide and find the best solutions. This also includes professional training and technical engineering services as additional services.

What we do

What clients need is what We Offer

What the general contractor needs is not just a great scaffolding product, but a solution that ensures its project success; they need close communication with the scaffolding supplier and professional support when faced with challenges in their daily work; they need a professional team like Wenma to support them with experience in R&D, manufacturing, sales, rental, and project contracting.

Equipment Hire

Our warehouses are located close to client projects for quick response and savings in shipping costs.

Sale and Buy-Back

Sale and buyback guarantee to help general contractors balance their project budget and save cost.

Scaffold Contracting

Let Wenma bring its own equipment, scaffolders, engineers and expertise to provide you with total solutions.

Project Design & Planning

Whether you buy, hire from us or subcontract to us, our specialist engineering team is always with you.

Scaffold Safety Training

We offer CISRS certified safety training for scaffolders, as well as training in scaffold inspection and supervision.

Consultation & Inspection

We are always ready to share our knowledge and expertise in the scaffolding industry with our clients.

Awesome Facts

Over the past over 10 years Wenma has grown the largest scaffolding, forming and shoring contractor in China, the project types cover infrastructure, industrial and energy field, such as industrial facilities, logistics centers, bridges, airports, train & subway stations, commercial complex, pipeline, petrochemical, refinery, oil & gas plants, power plants, etc.

Completed Projects
Happy Clients
Awards Winning

Safety First

At Wenma, health and safety are not just a priority, or just talk, but a value, the reason why the company was founded. From quality control of each component of equipment to project management on every site, together with our employees and business partners, we strive to achieve the highest safety standards and world-class best practices. In order to do so, we

Safety Team Members

Start from China, Go abroad along the Belt and Road, Serve the whole World

Clients are the only reason for Wenma’s establishment and existence. We offer one-stop solutions for concrete structures,
access and scaffolding applications in construction and industrial field that help our clients to improve project efficiency and safety.

Reliable Scaffolding Contractor

Comprehensive and Customized Solutions

Wenma’s founders and its core team have more than 100 years of combined experience and expertise in safety, technology, project management and business operations in scaffolding, forming & shoring industry.

With our own design, engineering, and manufacturing capabilities, patented products, and expertise, we offer our clients comprehensive solutions and deliver value-added services along the entire value chain from scaffolding equipment design and manufacturing, scaffolding structure design and analysis, safety assessment and management to erection, dismantling, and scaffolding project management with safety, reliability and efficiency.

Innovative Equipment

Our patented scaffolding equipment serves as the fundamental pillar of safety and efficiency for our clients. We meticulously design, manufacture, and continuously innovate our equipment using state-of-the-art technology to cater to diverse projects and customized requirements of clients. Moreover, we never forget cost control that benefit our clients.

Engineering Design

Equipped with our own in-house CNAS certified laboratory and mechanical structure testing facility, our professional R&D and engineering teams are always ready there to provide you all technical related assistance, such as Statical Analysis, Shop Drawings, Assembly Drawings, Technical Documentation, Project Planning and On-site Training, etc.

Safety Process

The safety of scaffold project is related to the quality of each component, the design of structure and load capacity as well as the behavior of each person at the job site. Therefore, systematically planning and managing every detail is the key to achieving a high level of safety performance. It’s on the job site, but not just there. Working with Wenma, we take care of the whole process.

Project Management

Scaffolding contracting services are not only about labor, scaffolders, or installation and dismantling, but also closely related to the success of whole project, requiring professional ability to manage and collaborate with the main contractor and other cross-operators to ensure that the project duration, quality and safety standards are met. To work with Wenma, we take care of all of that.

Our Safety Advisor’s Testimonials

To implement world-class safety standards and best practices, we have established a Safety Advisory Board under our Board of Directors
and have engaged internationally renowned safety experts to advise on our QHSE management.

Mr. Robert Tilley
    Mr. Robert Tilley

    US HSE Consultants

    Perhaps most impressive of all is Wenma leadership’s absolute dedication to the culture of safety. The company has created an environment where safety is not just a priority, but a way of life. Every worker at Wenma understands the importance of safety and takes it seriously.

    Mr. Ian Fyall
      Mr. Ian Fyall

      Simian Risk Group

      Wenma is doing an amazing job. I really like the way they are understanding and taking in European & British safety regulations around scaffolding. I always look all the large projects they are doing and think “Vow”, because I do see a lot of large projects but never on the scale like they are in China.

      Pro. Luo Yun
        Pro. Luo Yun

        Safety Professor/Doctorial Tutor

        Scientific management, full participation, Wenma attaches great importance to the safety of production and the occupational health of its workers, and has made great efforts. As Wenma’s Safety Advisor my experience is very profound to work with the excellent team.

        Our Partners

        We do not choose the clients, but the clients choose us. Because we understand them and their needs, we are willing to provide total solutions to promote safety, save their costs, and put these solutions into action.

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